The Sacred History Society (SHS) is a non-profit educational organization dedicated to the promotion of research and the exchange of ideas within academic fields related to historical and religious studies. The society serves as a vehicle to investigate where history intersects religion, with a vision to offer an academic journal for scholars and provide resources to the award-winning Sacred History Magazine.

Scholars' engagement with The Sacred History Society allows for contributions to the quarterly peer-reviewed academic journal as well as more popular articles in Sacred History Magazine for the general public. There are still very few outlets for thorough scholarship and research in the fields of History and Religion. In recent years, television networks such as The History Channel, A&E Network, Discovery Channel and National Geographic have provided content to the general public in a more popular way but much of the recent content has been immeasurabely diluted.

Through its network of academic scholars around the world, The Sacred History Society serves both the academic community and the public at large by providing content to more popular outlets like Sacred History Magazine, documentaries, localized and international forums, educational study tours, resource groups to inform the general public, media and government institutions, excavation, mainenance and preservation of archaeological sites, documentation and publication of findings, special research teams, fellowship programs, research opportunites and the establishment of centers within the U.S., Europe and other locations possessing viable resources for the furtherance of historical and religous understanding.

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